Bluefin Voyage 10'x10' Is The Ultimate Fishing SUP

Bluefin has covered a lot of different angles when it comes to stand up paddleboarding, and one board stands out to us as the ultimate for adventures on the water. The Bluefin Voyage 10'x10' is 20% wider and includes stability side rails for even better balance. 

The Voyage is an all in one package for your fishing SUP adventures, and Bluefin did not forget about the small details either with not just stability, but comfort in mind as well. One of the best features is the included "cooler box" with a built in folding seat back rest. When you go out on the water for a day of fishing, you can store all of your bait and tackle in the "cooler box" or fill it up with ice to store your food and beverages for the day. Whatever you decide, you will find the "cooler box" to be a great addition to your SUP fishing. 

When it comes to SUP fishing, convenience and ease of use are important, and the Bluefin Voyage has you covered with two fishing rod mounts, paddle, carry bag, leash, centre fin, and kayak seat mounting points. 

What day out on the water would be complete without filming it for social media or to share with your friends. An action camera thread hole is included to make filming your day out on the water easy and effortless. 

The Bluefin Voyage is constructed of military grade PVC, which makes it durable while transporting it to your favorite fishing spot, and once your at your destination, getting it ready is as easy as transporting it with the included dual action pump. 

At only 37 pounds, the Voyage is easy to carry in the Bluefin SUP backpack, and can be easily transported anywhere that an on the water adventure takes you. 

With all of the features and accessories included with the Bluefin Voyage 10'x10' SUP, the one thing that stands out to us as much as anything else is how great it looks. Inflatables have come a long way over the years, and when fully inflated, it is hard to tell whether this SUP is inflatable or not, but the best part about the PVC inflatable design is the durability.

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