Monster Bass Featured Baits

I recently announced an affiliate partnership with Monster Bass, and I am excited to bring more content to you covering the great boxes and baits that Monster Bass puts together for anglers. 

Today, I wanted to highlight some of the hard baits that Monster Bass has available.

From Booyah to Monster Bass baits, there is much to choose from when exploring the selections that Monster Bass has to offer. 

The BOOYAH MELEE deflects off wood, and other cover with ease due to the uniquely-designed head that always strikes cover first which prompts the hook to move up and away from cover. The syncopated loud clacking during the retrieve is also aided by the unique polycarbonate head with an inner lead core that provides a distinct noise far different from any other bladed jig. Add in an extra-long shank hook with a wire plastic keeper and the recipe for yanking bass out of cover is complete. GET IT HERE

The MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbaits were designed to be the ultimate line of crankbaits for exploring every level of the water column in search of hungry bass.  Available in 3 distinct diving depths, the Seeker Series features a magnetic weight transfer system that allows you to cast these crankbaits a country mile with pinpoint accuracy and its fast-floating action helps it effortlessly pop over heavy cover. The Seeker Series comes armed with 2 razor-sharp BKK hooks, premium paint schemes and a rounded bill which gives it a unique hunting action. 

Everything about this crankbait series is intentionally premium and was designed to help you put more bass in the boat. Tie one on today and go crush your new personal best!  GET IT HERE

Each bait in Strike King®'s Pro-Model® Crankbait Series is designed to perform a specific task. The Pro-Model Series 4 and 4S Crankbaits dominate shallow to medium deep, stained water with their wide wobble design, free-floating rattles, chip-resistant finishes, and lifelike 3-D eyes. The Pro-Model 4S is designed with a square bill which lets it crawl through all types of thick, shallow cover.  GET IT HERE

The SteelShad Popper is a 2-3/4 inch long popper with white rear feather comes equipped with nickel coated razor sharp hooks and weighs 3/8 oz. Calm, slow retrieves and frequent pauses highlighted with sharp rod tip jerks produce an enticing, loud, easy bass snack target!  GET IT HERE

Are you tired of overpaying for tungsten weights? I was too and that's why I researched the market only to learn that just about all the tungsten weights sold by your favorite fishing tackle retailers are made by just a handful of manufacturers. So I reached out to all of the factories that produce the other brands, only to learn that all the weights are made nearly exactly the same... 97% pure tungsten, insert free and nearly impossible to chip.

So that's why I went out and created MONSTERBASS Tungsten.  So I could hook you up with factory-direct prices at the lowest prices anywhere! GET IT HERE